Why niching your agency is so important

In this episode, I focus on something very close to my heart – the importance of niching.

Agencies that have a clearly defined niche massively outperform those that don’t in almost every way: revenue, customer retention, employee satisfaction, and in the quality of their client relationships (because prospects see you as the expert, not just as a supplier).

A big statement to make? Sure - but I know it’s accurate because I’ve lived it. Niching my agency allowed me to triple my profits inside 6 months and I’ve helped so many other agencies to substantially grow their profits after doing the same thing.

So if you run an agency and you’re still on the fence about whether or not niching is right for you, keep listening:

[01:37] Why is niching so important and how did it work for me and my agency?

[05:28] If you don’t niche, you can differentiate on two things – price and/or service. But is that really wise?

[07:40] How exactly do you find your niche? Grab a pen and paper for this bit!

[11:40] Here are the 2 key learnings to help you create your niche, serve your audience well and enjoy a profitable agency.

[15:47] Once you have found your niche, commit to it!

[17:33] One of my pet hates is when I see an agency website that is all about them and not the client. Your potential clients don’t care about you, they just want to know how you can help them. Make sure your website is about your client, NOT you!

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