Agency copywriting with Roland Gurney

In this latest episode, I am joined by Roland Gurney of copywriting company, Treacle.

Treacle helps creative and digital agencies clarify their position and messaging.  Whilst we are of course going to be discussing all things copywriting (like how to improve your own website’s copy and if business blogs still have a place in today’s world) we are also going to look at the importance of niching and see how it totally transformed Roland’s company!

[02:23] Roland discusses his journey into running his own agency and how he has niched Treacle, the benefits and explains why it doesn’t have to be so scary.

[10:17] Rob asks Roland How important good content is for an agencies overall marketing. We are all busy trying to make our clients look good but agencies need to ensure their own websites are great too!

[14:35] What are Roland’s top bugbears about agency websites?

[20:05] What are the current trends in copy and how have they changed over the years?

[22:03] Roland shares his top tips for writing great copy.

[27:09] Rob & Roland discuss the importance of business blogs and how they can help your business to stand out. The more you niche your business, the more they will resonate with potential clients!

[34:54] If Roland could go back in time, what advice would he give himself?


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