Interview with John Ashton Discussing The Kitchen Table Community Concept

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In today’s episode of the agency accelerator podcast I’m extremely excited to have John Ashton with me. John is the founder of copywriting agency, ‘Write Arm’, he has written a book, ‘The Kitchen Table Method’, and is also the mastermind behind the ‘Kitchen Table Community’ concept.

Time Stamp

01:05 John gives his thoughts on many people starting their freelance journey in 2020 

07:24 John explains what the ‘Kitchen Table’ method is

11:06 Why culture is so important for your business 

14:43 How to maintain your culture as your agency grows 

19:42 Growing an agency solely with freelancers

24:50 What is ‘’The Kitchen Table Community’?

32:00 John’s piece of advice to his younger self


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The 'Kitchen Table Community'

John's copywriting and content writing agency: Write Arm

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