Planning for a successful year ahead

Good riddance to 2020, I am looking forward to a happier and more balanced 2021. Let’s not take for granted all the freedoms that we had pre-2020, once we start getting them back this year – fingers crossed!In today’s episode, I talk about having a plan for the year, as well as putting a robust business development strategy in place so you can get a consistent pipeline of leads, prospects and new clients – and you don’t need to rely on word-of-mouth and referrals.

Time Stamp

01:34 Two key areas to have in place in order to take back control and get a better work-life balance02:00 How to get a plan in place for the year ahead 04:40 The 7 areas that your plan should incorporate 07:00 How to break down your plan into quarters 08:03 Breaking your quarterly strategies into a monthly plan08:49 The importance of your plans being dynamic 10:00 Why you need a consistent pipeline of leads, prospects and new customers for your plan to work 11:05 The foundations of creating your pipeline

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