Da Costa Coaching helps position Harris Kalinka for success

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Harris Kalinka is a visualisation company specialising in bringing to life golf and architecture designs and ideas. They have offices based in the UK, Latvia and China.

The business had developed two distinct business streams that over time developed into 2 brands, 2 websites and 2 businesses to run. They approached Da Costa Coaching to help figure a way to combine the brands and simplify the running and marketing of the business.

Rob spent time working with the directors to establish their true market differentiators and what the common denominators were to both their businesses. It was agreed that ‘telling stories using images and animation’ was both important to the client and what HK is passionate about (after all, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’) and this commonality led to the merging of the two brands into one – including developing a new combined website.

hainan-golf-course-visualisation-hole-7-940x529Andrew Harris, MD of Harris Kalinka commented, “We knew we needed to combine the brands but had struggled to find a way to do so – including seeking external help prior to engaging with Da Costa Coaching. Rob helped us stand back, take a look at our business and the market place and ultimately make decisions with confidence.”

Andrew approached Rob because of his extensive background in the marketing, positioning and branding world (20+ year’s experience including 11 running his own marketing agency) together with his reputation as a pragmatic business coach.

The coaching intervention took place over a 6-month period and involved monthly face-to-face sessions together with reviewing documents and support between meetings.

At the end of the process Harris Kalinka has a new website that they are proud of, brings all their brands and services under one roof and is starting to get noticed and generate new business opportunities. They also have a clear vision and clear direction for the future.

Andrew Harris said of the experience and results, “Working with Rob was worth the investment both in our time and money. His pragmatic no nonsense approach both challenged us and got us thinking in new ways. Engaging with a coach was a worthwhile activity that delivered exactly what we wanted and needed.

You can learn more about Harris Kalinka by clicking here

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