Get a life and delegate!

A common problem for many of my owner / manager clients is prioritising their limited time when they have so many things to do.  One such client is Leo from Roar Accounting.  I worked with Leo for about 2 years and we made great strides in growing the business and helping with that ever-elusive work/life balance.

Roar was going through some rapid growth and the consequence of this could have been that ‘life goes out the window’ and Leo works long hours to ensure the clients receive the best service.  However, before this took hold we tackled it head-on.  Leo agreed to work with her marketing and admin staff to drill down and work out what she could delegate by looking at the workflow of client enquiries and other tasks. 

We are visual beings so coloured post it notes certainly is a good way to ‘see’ what we have to do and move things around to get the priorities right.  They have a lot going on!

No one does it as well as me!

Its easy to fall into the same old trap of ‘its quicker to do it myself’ when things get busier and we feel we ‘haven’t got time’ to delegate or show someone else how to do something.  This is when one of my favourite expressions comes into play ‘SLOW DOWN TO SPEED UP’.

If a management team just dedicates itself to servicing it’s clients without spending enough time in a ‘strategy space’ (and read strategy as where is the money coming from tomorrow?) then they will suffer the classic peak-trough-peak-trough scenario which is not good for business or your health!

Having been there before, fortunately this time Leo and the team (with my guidance) have recognised this and are freeing enough of Leo’s time up to continue to develop future plans and future business.

If this story rings true for you, i would love to hear your own experience so please get in touch.

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