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2015 will prove an challenging year for attracting and retaining top talent.  As part of this, a key agenda activity for HR and marketing will be to ensure your social media presence is up to date, attractive and reflective of the aspirations of your business.

The next generation of job seekers are looking beyond job boards and now engages with potential employers on social media sites.  Glassdoor research shows that when candidates have access to information about a job and company, before deciding whether to apply or accept a job offer, employers have seen an average of 22 percent reduction in turnover. The tide is already shifting with employees having more voice with the social channels through review portals like Glassdoor and independent surveys that rank companies in terms of employee satisfaction.

So does your social media presence reflect the image you want to give to a potential new employee?

Here are a few thoughts:

Twitter – an excellent way to communicate to lots of candidates. Here’s a few pointers to get you started:

  • Mix it up a bit: Mix your tweets up to keep your followers engaged. Try tweeting industry and company news, as well as careers advice and current vacancies.
  • Get everyone tweeting: This gives a good perception of collaboration and personality which are attractive traits from a jobseeker’s perspective.
  • Set up a schedule: Tweeting too regularly can be annoying. Aim for once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.
  • Re-tweet others: It’s not all about you. Re-tweet others to build credibility and trust.

Facebook – is a perfect medium to give your employer brand a boost. Here’s how to make it work for you:

  • Share photos: Share photos of events, charity fundraisers, employee birthdays and award ceremonies.
  • Communicate in a human way: If jobseekers post questions respond in a friendly way.
  • Get people talking: Don’t just shout about how great you are. Post useful content for your fans and ask questions to get the conversation going.
  • Make it a team effort: Give your colleagues the freedom to contribute to your page.  Satisfied and happy employees are the best brand ambassadors out there.

LinkedIn – is a great way to build your company’s credibility in the eyes of the job seeker. Here’s how:

  • Create a company page: You can attract followers, create a careers section and update your company status.
  • Join relevant groups: Join in the conversation and then promote your company as an employer of choice by contributing to discussions, providing advice and sharing news.
  • Create a company group: This is an excellent way to help prospective employees feel a sense of belonging long before the application process begins.

Let’s discuss how this works for your business.

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