Client Servicing

How much of your time do you spend servicing clients?

If you feel you have no choice but to spend most of your time in ‘client service mode’, and if you believe if you don’t, you won’t retain your customers, then you will not have time to focus on the future of your agency (e.g. business development, strategy, marketing etc) because you are at the beck and call of your clients.

Infact, you're caught up in the Client Servicing Hamster Wheel of Doom (CSHWOD) and you need to find a way to get off it and do something different, and that starts with changing your mindset.

In this week's episode of The Agency Accelerator, I explore how, as an agency owner, your time needs to be split into 3 ‘buckets’ that will enable you to serve your client’s needs, focus on driving your agency forwards and have enough time to run your agency.

[1:02] The Self-Running Agency Implementation Group: Open for enrolment. Find out how you can join fellow agency owners in the journey to building an agency that is less dependent on YOU!

[3:36] How much time are you spending servicing clients? Probably too much!

[4:23] How to avoid the dreaded Famine & Feast Cycle. No one wants to end up in famine trough where we make bad decisions such as discounting or taking on the wrong type of client

[6:25] Learn how to split your time into 3 buckets: REVENUE, STRATEGY & ADMIN and what should your split be?

[8:22] Having the right mindset will help you get off the dreaded CSHWOD!

[10:55] What is your notional hourly rate? An important discussion to get your pricing right and hit your profit targets

[12:13] Why you should dedicate time on building a robust strategy for the future of your agency

[13:04] Defining your niche

[14:18] Identifying your target audience

[14:39] Build a great marketing campaign

[15:14] The Self-Running Agency Book

[15:39] A piece of advice: Do a few sales & marketing tactics. really well and consistently, don’t get seduced by ‘shiny new object syndrome” You are always the best salesperson for your agency

[16: 59] Guide on how to split your time across REVENUE, STRATEGY & ADMIN – where are you today and where do you want to be?

[18:20} The benefits of getting your time split right

Come and join us in The Self-Running Implementation Group

Download The Self-Running Implementation Book

Learn more about "notional hourly rate"

Learn more about famine & feast cycle

Read more about how you can define your niche

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