LinkedIn Learning – Interview with Tracey Burnett

Linkedin is a great platform to engage with your ideal target customer yet there are many who use it poorly and don’t get results they hope for so move on to something different.

If you've been trying to use LinkedIn to support your business development activities but haven’t yet got results, then listen to today’s episode of the podcast.

Today I am delighted to chat with Tracey Burnett, who is a Linkedin specialist and we're talking all things Linkedin; how you can hone your profile as well as a number of invaluable tips on how to maximise the use of LinkedIn to engage with your target audience.

[2:07] Introducing Tracey Burnett - a LinkedIn specialist helping businesses find new clients on LinkedIn.

[3:41] Tracey talks about how you can create an appealing Linkedin profile.

[8:37] 5 tips on how you can maximise the use of LinkedIn to engage with your target audience.

[12:18] Measure performance, improve engagement & grow your audience on Linkedin with Shield (Tool for analytics).

[13:33] 5 tips on how you can maximise the use of Linkedin for reaching out to your target audience. (continued).

[22:47] Do’s and Don’ts for reaching out to your potential new audience on Linkedin.

[28:28] Tracey's one piece of advice that she would like to go back in time and give to her younger self.


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