Online events & augmented reality with Marc Convey

As we move towards the “new normal” post-pandemic, organisations have become more accustomed to doing business online rather than in person.

But what does the future of events look like? Will they remain online or move back to in-person events?

In this episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I'm excited to have Marc Convey, Managing Director of 23 Digital, a video production agency that creates digital content using films, virtual reality & animation

We're going talk about the evolution of online events and how companies are using augmented reality to grow their business.

[0:53] Introducing Marc Convey, Managing Director, 23 Digital, is a video agency that creates digital content using films, virtual reality & animation.

[1:47] How has 23-Digital fared during the pandemic, what changes did they make to not only survive but thrive?

[8:30] Biggest challenge faced by Marc working on AR projects.

[15:03] Environmental impact of doing events live.

[15:36] How do you replicate networking or being around people in a virtual environment?

[18:37] The future of videos in marketing.

[20:06] How businesses are going to use augmented reality moving forward.

[23:59] Marc's one piece of advice that he would give to his younger self.

[25:16] Where can you find more about 23 Digital.

Marc's Linkedin profile

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