5 pieces of advice I would give my younger self

Do you ever look back and wish you had done a few things differently when you were just starting out running your agency?

This week's episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast is going to be slightly different. It is the first in an occasional series of ‘5s’ and in this episode I will be sharing 5 tips that I would give to my younger self, who is just starting out his agency, if I could go back in time.

Obviously, I can't really time travel, but I can share these tips with you in the hope they will help you build & grow your agency.

[1:24] Back to the future: 5 tips to my younger self

[2:06] Have a plan to stay in control and bring everyone along with you: vision -> strategy -> action plan

[6:03] Grow your agency, build a team.

[7:59] Don't be led by money, be led by purpose.

[10:23] Get your pricing right - Value pricing/selling methodology

[13:06] Succession planning: The Self-Running Agency

[15:20] The Self-Running Agency Book

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