Flexible working with Grant Jennings

How have you found flexible working hours during the pandemic?

Has working from home impacted your productivity negatively or positively?

In this episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, we're talking all about flexible working with Grant Jennings, who is the Owner of Creative Blend, a digital marketing agency.

[1:07] What is Creative Blend & how is it different from other digital agencies?

[4:55] How has Creative Blend adapted to the’ new normal’ of flexible working hours?

[11:21] Tools recommended by Grant to help maintain accountability & project management.

[12:56] How to deal with resistance from clients when implementing new tools

[15:36] Tools recommended by Grant to use when working remotely.

[16:32] Impact of remote working on productivity.

[25:55] Grant's one piece of advice that he would like to go back in time and give to his younger self.

Contact details for Grant

Website: www.creative-blend.co.uk Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/gjenningsuk

Grant is also a trustee of local charity Whoopsadaisy who support babies and children (12 months to 12 years) with movement disorders such as cerebral palsy.

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