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The 'Black Lives Matter' movement has brought the issue of diversity and inclusion to the forefront of many conversations. Business, big and small, are starting to consider how Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) should impact their workforce.

In this episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I'm excited to have Chico Chakravorty, D&I consultant and Founder of Doing Diversity Differently. In this fascinating conversation (where I learned a lot!) we talk about how to approach & integrate D&I in our organisations.

We also explore how we, as agencies, should be advising our clients on D&I in their campaigns, and the importance of doing so authentically. To bring this to life Chico shares some real-life examples (both good and bad).

[0:55] The Self-Running Agency Book - Grab your FREE copy

[1:46] Introducing Chico Chakravorty, D&I consultant and Founder of Doing Diversity Differently.

[5:55] How should we as agency owners advise our clients on diversity & inclusion

[9:28] Is it the responsibility of an agency to highlight the in-authenticity of diversity being portrayed in campaigns?

[11:20] Example: Marks & Spencer launched a sandwich called LGBT

[14:25] Example: Tesco

[16:07] What is the meaning of "White Privilege"?

[17:23] The "Black Lives Matter" movement: How should businesses contribute to the cause?

[23:00] The two important elements of diversity

[26:59] Chico's one piece of advice that he would like to go back in time and give to his younger self.

[28:48] The best way to connect with Chico.

Website - https://doingdiversitydifferently.com/

Email - chico@doingdiversitydifferently.com

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