Workshops in Brighton for the creative industry

In September and October, in conjunction with the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce, I will be running a series of 3 interlinked short workshops aimed at creative sector businesses.  Some detail:

Each of these 3 sessions has specifically designed for creative / service based agencies and is run by a coach that specialises solely in this sector.  Each event follows on from the previous and collectively they will provide you with confidence in developing your business over the next few years.

Session 1 (Tuesday 17th September) – Creating a sustainable vision

If you want to grow your business then it is crucial to create a clear vision that can be turned into strategies and measureable action plans.  Many businesses spend too much time delivering the business and not enough time planning for the future and this results in peaks and troughs in workload and uncertainty for the future – something that isn’t good in this turbulent economy.

We will use a workbook to start to capture the future vision for your business; you will leave having captured your vision for the short, medium and long term and be in a position to continue developing the vision.

Session 2 (Tuesday 22nd October) – Establishing a unique market position

After session 1 you will have a clearer vision of where your business is headed.  Now you need to understand where your agency fits in the market place and how to define this position and communicate externally.

You will leave with:· A clear articulation of where you business sits in the market & where you aspire to be· A template to capture your aspirations and competition· Some ideas on how to start shifting your business (if appropriate)

Session 3 (Tuesday 12th November) -Selling on value rather than time

Now you have a clear vision and market position you need to maximise the value you get from each client project.  Many creative agencies sell clients their time yet this is not what the client wants to buy when they hire you.  Even though this is well practised in the industry, how do you sell the value of your offering rather than time?  This session will explore this challenge and use real life examples to highlight what the client really is buying (your expertise, creativity and strategic input) and how you can ensure they pay for this value rather than just the time it takes.

You will leave with:· Ideas on how to start communicating your true value to your clients· Ways to amend your proposals to focus on selling on values & outcomes rather than time

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