Why are we all so scared of public speaking? Interview with Steve Bustin

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The Coronavirus has disrupted the entire world in ways we haven’t seen since WWII. Chances are your own business has been affected, whether it’s the amount of clients you now have or the fact you and your whole team are now working remotely.

In this episode I want to discuss 5 key areas that you need to work on in order to not just survive the virus, but thrive. They are; mind-set, serving your audience, pivoting where necessary, sales and marketing and the importance of having a strategy.

[1:45] You need to make sure you have the right mind-set if your agency is going to survive this pandemic. Remember, people are still spending money. It’s your own self-limiting beliefs that tell you otherwise. Identify your priorities for the week and write them down. When you have a plan you have a sense of control.


[09:20] How can you best keep serving your audience? If your business is genuinely helping people, then they need to hear about it!

[11:59] You can pivot your business in three ways; offering, price and message. Which one is best for your business?

[20:52] Should you be marketing your services at the moment or is this in bad taste?

[24:15] You need to have a strategy, and this is probably going to look different to what it did a couple of months ago.

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