Using video in social media with Ian Laurie

Standing out from the crowd when it comes to marketing your business is getting harder and harder these days and posting the odd blog just isn’t enough anymore.

So, in this episode I’m joined by Ian Laurie of Snow Digital Media and we are going to be looking at the importance of adding video into your marketing strategy, in particular using it on LinkedIn.

[02:50] Ian shares his journey of running his own business and discusses the dos and don’ts of running your own agency. It can be “lonely at the top”. Ian shares his experiences of working with business partners. You obviously have to have shared values and make sure you’re on the same page otherwise it won’t work, so how did Ian find the experience?

[08:24] Ian remembers what it was like to experience the peaks and troughs of running your own business, especially near the beginning.

[11:00] Why should video be part of a marketing agency’s strategy and why is LinkedIn the platform we should be focusing on right now?

[15:08] Is it ok to post video content using a third party app or should we only post natively?

[17:01] Ian discusses the ideal length and content for a video on LinkedIn and he reminds us why we need to make sure we grab the audience’s attention within the first 5 seconds.

[24:00] Ian loves video podcasts. They are the perfect for creating lots of small pieces of content from one big piece of content.

[27:24] So… that‘s all good and well talking about how to do videos, but how do you get BETTER at doing them? 

[29:53] Rob asks Ian what advice would he give his younger business self?


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