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I am pleased to have Remeny Armitage from Brilliant and Human with me on the podcast today.

Remeny's business interviews your clients to enable you to build stronger relationships and create client advocates.

In this episode we talk about the process, the benefits and what you should start doing now (if you are not already).

Time Stamp

1:45 How Remeny helps her clients

2:10 Insights into how you can better serve your clients

2:55 What are the typical themes you hear when you are getting feedback from your client’s clients. The 3 recurring themes

4:00 What is the impact you have on your clients by talking with their clients/

5.38 It’s amazing what people will tell a stranger with no agenda. Clients are always happy to have the opportunity to give objective feedback that they know will be listened to

6:50 Example of a digital marketing agency that listened to their client feedback and made changes that resulted in a 40% increase in profits

7.27 What is the typical pain that an agency has when they reach out to you? Usually, client retention but what else?

9.05 Avoid adopting the utilities or mobile phone business model!

9.33 Understanding your niche and ideal target client: talk to clients to understand why they purchased from you – you might be surprised at their responses!

11:10 Ensure you understand why your clients stay with you and what they value from you. Also, understand what the bottlenecks are (e.g., is the owner the issue?)

12:00 How often should an agency get 360 feedback from their clients? Putting a client advocacy process in place

13:00 The risks of not seeking feedback from your clients regularly

14:00 When you win a new client it’s a great time to interview and understand and find out why they have bought from us

15:38 Learning about why you lost a pitch

18:40 Are you willing to hear and action the honest feedback you get from your clients?

19:40 Have you seen any changes between client and customer interaction during the strange year?

21:35 The importance of relationships and working in partnership with your clients

22:45 Final tips on retaining clients and making them into advocates

24:30 If you could go back in time and give your younger business self one piece of advice, what would it be?

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Brilliant and human website

Remeny's Linkedin profile

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