My yearly review of the best tools & apps to run your agency

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Welcome to The Agency Accelerator’s annual wrap-up of my favourite tools of 2020.

In this episode, I discuss the importance of making each and every hour as productive as possible by utilising a range of brilliant tools and apps that will save you HOURS each week.

Remember – Ditch it, Delegate it, Defer it, Do it, or…..automate it! We are talking all things productivity in this podcast.

So I am going to cover 20 or so of my favourite tools. In case you want to skip forward, here is a handy timestamped guide for each tool. Also don’t forget to download my handy cheatsheet (listed at the end).

3:51 Kartra

4:31 Groove pages

7:08 Zoom

7:27 Loom

8:33 Livewebinar

10:42 Vimeo

11:50 Canva

12:17 Designrr

12:51 Thrive Architect

14:05 ConvertKit

15:38 LinkedHelper

16:30 RocketReach

16:59 Dictation

18:25 Xero

18:40 ReceiptBank

19:32 Google Drive

20:22 Amazing Marvin

21:27 Toby

If you want a detailed outline of all the tools I reviewed in this podcast then grab a copy of my free cheatsheet which outlines each tool in detail together with pricing and website info.

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