Take A Break From Your Agency Or Face Burnout!

If you work long hours and don’t take a break from your agency now and then, you face the very real chance of burnout.  We are not superman/woman and do not have limitless amounts of energy, so taking time out to recharge your batteries is crucial.

But often we pay the price both before we go on holiday (with a mountain of work to get through) and when we get back (with a ton of work to catch up on) and if we are not careful, all the goodness from the break disappears.

Time Stamp

[01:23] The importance of self-care and taking time away from the office to re energise

[02:10] Why we often get sick when we go on holiday

[02:55] Prep for taking a holiday: Batch creating content to minimise stress both before you go and when you get back from holiday

[04:51] Work with a VA to keep things running whilst you are away (e.g. client enquiries, social media, inbox management)

[05:24] Communicating with clients and putting good boundaries in place

[06:00] Whilst you are on holiday try and be present and have a ‘digital detox’ – extract your phone from your hand!

[06:48] Plan your holidays around your quieter times (esp if your business is seasonal) which will mean you worry less whilst you are away

[08:12] Put your Out Of Office on and redirect your emails and prep your team


“Batch producing content means you keep your head in the zone and are much more efficient.” – Rob Da Costa

“Be present on vacation by having a digital detox.” – Rob Da Costa

“Take your mind as well as your body on vacation!” – Rob Da Costa

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  1. Thank you for sharing your podcats. It highlights the crucial importance of self-care and the risks of burnout in the workplace. Taking time away from work to recharge and prioritize mental and physical health can lead to increased productivity and overall well-being. For example, studies have shown that employees who take vacations are more engaged and productive upon their return. I still believe that a healthy work-life balance is key to long-term success and happiness.

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