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In this episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I am excited to be joined by Marcel Petitpas and we are discussing everything to do with your agency’s profits, pricing and margins. Another action-packed episode so grab a pen and paper and be sure to take notes!

Time Stamp

[1:17] Let’s start by welcoming Marcel Petitpas, our guest for today’s episode. He is the founder of Parakeeto, which aims to help agencies become more profitable. Parakeeto is a software platform that helps users to create data-driven estimates.

[1:51] The importance of focusing on agency pricing and profitability.

[4:18] At what stage of an agency’s growth should they start implementing time-tracking systems?

[6:55] The importance of understanding your business processes.

[8:05] Pitfalls and tips to early prospect discussions

[13:55] How to maximise profitability of a project

[16:18] How to calculate Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)

[18:47] What are key metrics for agencies to look at? Differentiate between Gross Margin and Average Available Rate.

[25:04] How to make team members more commercial

[28:27] How to implement the Agency Profitability Flywheel in your agency

[33:05] A business paradox: Slow down to speed up

[33:43] What are the best strategies to raise your prices

[35:25] The ideal approach for value-based pricing.

[36:00] Word of advice: “Say YES to things that scare you!”


“When I ran my agency (we’re talking 15 years ago), we did many things wrong, but one of the things we did right was time tracking.” – Rob Da Costa

“Just say yes to things that scare you and you’ll be fine.” – Marcel Petitpas

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