SEO & Backlink Strategies With Richard Kennedy

Does your agency have a robust SEO and backlink strategy in place?

If not you should, and in this episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I am joined by one of my clients and one of The Self-Running Agency Group members, Richard Kennedy, who explains why SEO and a backlink strategy is a must.

Richard runs an e-commerce SEO agency, Arken Marketing.  Arken helps SME e-commerce businesses grow and compete against the big players in the market, by utilising effective SEO.

Richard shares how he started Arken Marketing and how he helps SME e-commerce businesses grow and compete using SEO and backlink strategies

Here’s a glance at this episode…


Backstory in building an SEO agency and Richard’s future aspirations for Arken Marketing


How to figure out your niche when starting up an agency


Tips in niching down your business


Defining SEO in a broader context


What are the advantages of using SEO over PPC?


The importance of being ranked organically


Why SEO is an effective strategy for your business


Benefits of link building for your website


Understanding link building, domain authority rankings and backlinks


How to implement link building strategies


How to distinguish a good backlink from a bad backlink


What is the deciding factor if a link is worth pursuing or not?


Tips in creating SEO strategies for your business


What is the ‘dream 100’  system?


How to build good quality and trustworthy website


Why ‘focus’ is important for your business’ SEO strategy


“I don’t want to be too big, but I’ve always wanted it to fuel my other projects.” – Richard Kennedy

“…not every business defines its success by how big it is or how fast it grows.” – Rob DaCosta

“We only work with people that we want to work with and they want to work with us and it’s made it a whole lot easier in the long run in the short term.” – Richard Kennedy

“..the website needs to be trustworthy… approachable… Having good content makes everything so much easier.” – Richard Kennedy

“ just can’t replicate success through copying.” – Richard Kennedy

“..building your dream 100 list is actually one of the systems that we teach in The Self-running Agency Group.” – Rob DaCosta

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