Recruiting Your First Member of Staff

Ready to hire your first member of staff and expand your agency? Read on…

In today’s episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I am talking all about hiring your first member of staff. I have seen the 'good, the bad, and the ugly' of recruiting: how not to do this, make this a very expensive mistake and how to find the perfect fit candidate.

So today we will be exploring:

- When you should hire your first member of staff.
- Whether it should be a freelancer or an in-house member of staff.
- Some of the processes you need to follow in order to make sure you are giving yourself the best chance for you to find the right person and for them to be  successful.

How To Recruit Your First Member Of Staff

02:00 Feeling like you need an extra pair of hands for your agency? You need a documented vision outlining where you want your agency to head, and the triggers to hiring team members.

02:51 Hiring freelancers comes with pros and cons. Can they fit into the culture of your business and do they see your vision?

05:36 Wondering if hiring a freelancer is the right move for you? There are two times where you might need to use freelance staff.

07:18 Create clear roles and responsibilities in order to find the right person for your agency.

11:18 Once you’ve hired someone that isn’t the end of the problem, but the start of the journey. Are you prepared to spend time getting your new member of staff up to speed and embedded into your agency?

14:30 You need to set smart time-bound objectives, as well as giving feedback to make sure that your new member of staff develops in their role.

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