What’s your motivation?

At a recent management workshop we had a great deal of discussion around motivation.  So what motivates you?

There are 4 kinds of motivation:

  • Toward – “I really want to get that new job in marketing”
  • Away – “I really hate my job and need to leave”
  • Internal – “I am proud of my job, focused and driven”
  • External – “Money is my main priority”

So which of these 4 are your main drivers?  People who tell you that money is their main motivation will often have a dissatisfied working life because when EXTERNAL motivation is our main focus it often leads to low self esteem and burn out (think high powered salesmen).  The most healthy approach is a combination of TOWARD and INTERNAL.  When we get these two in balance we are focused, excited, self-starting and satisfied.  It leads to high self-esteem and good personal growth.

Negative people are often driven by AWAY and EXTERNALISED motivation which materalises as fear.

You can switch from the negative to the positive.  Want to know more?  Then get in touch.


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