Love what you do

I went to an inspiring Brighton & Hove Chamber breakfast recently.  The speaker, Richard Maher, is the Operations Director for Carluccio’s (where the event was held, including an excellent breakfast).  Richard told the story of his career journey, with many twists and turns that led him to his present position at Carluccio’s.  He reminded us that when you love the work you do, it no longer feels like you are working and you get tremendous job satisfaction.

I used to believe that there were 3 ways of earning money:

  1. The hard way – perhaps working on the shop floor assembly line in a factory
  2. The medium way – working in PR for example, as I used to do
  3. The easy way – inventing and selling something that makes your fortune!

I was wrong in this definition.  Today I still believe there are 3 ways of earning your living:

  1. The hard way – doing something you really dislike (and I see lots of my ‘friends’ on Facebook wishing their week away on a Monday morning – they fit in this category)
  2. The medium way – doing a job you don’t mind doing, that isn’t too hard and isn’t a chore – this is where most of the working population sits.       Job satisfaction is probably a 7/10
  3. The easy way – doing a job you love – one you can’t believe you get paid to do!

So which category do you fit in? How is your job satisfaction and what can you do if you don’t answer number 3?  If you want to make a change, then get in touch.

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