Is your agency an iPad or a reMarkable?

In this episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I share my insights, experiences, and comparison between a reMarkable tablet vs. iPad – specifically what we can learn about their marketing and how it relates to your agency?

Here’s a glance at this episode…

[01:50] Distractions

Like many, I can easily get distracted, so I try to allocate solid chunks of time to focus on specific day-to-day tasks such as working on my group coaching programme content or future strategies.

The problem is when you’re working at your computer, notifications can distract you and there is the temptation to just jump onto the Internet.

[02:26] What is a reMarkable tablet? 

I’m going to do a full review in a future episode (due to lots of people asking me about it!) but basically, it mimics the texture and feeling of writing on a paper without all the distractions of a multi-functional iPad.

[02:40] Reason for Purchase

I had 3 three reasons/goals for purchasing the tablet:

  1. To get more organised
  2. To get rid of paper & become paper-free
  3. To be more efficient

[03:45] reMarkable vs. iPad

I have an iPad and love it. It is a great device – it does many things & does them pretty well. On the other hand, the reMarkable tablet only does one thing & tries to be the best in the market at doing it. It is a replacement for a notebook for taking notes.

[04:27] Generalist Agency vs. Niche Agency

How does this relate to your agency?

Well, the comparison between a reMarkable & iPad is very similar to the age-old debate about a generalist agency vs a niched agency.

The price of a reMarkable is the same as an iPad, so why would you spend the same money on a device that does less? Well just like a niched agency, it does it better than a generalist. The niched agency understands its client’s pain & provides solutions to solve that pain – backed by tons of experience.

[07:12] Thoughts on your Niche

As I outline in my book (link below to grab your free copy).  When you think of your niche, you can cut it in four ways:

  1. By geography
  2. By industry
  3. By deliverable or service
  4. By the problem you solve

[09:13] Using reMarkable

I use the reMarkable to take notes, e.g.

  • When writing a podcast
  • Client notes
  • Working on strategy
  • And to get something out of my head!

[10:04] Translating notes into text

As long as your writing is not like a doctor’s scribble, you are good to go. The reMarkable will translate your handwriting into text.

[11:42] Be like a reMarkable

The reMarkable is a device aimed at people who want to focus on one thing, and it enables you to do that really well. Just as your agency should!

If you are niched and tempted to broaden your services, only do it once you have dived deep on the core product that you already have—unless you bring the skills, systems, and a new area that can be scaled, you will never grow your agency, just dilute your focus.

So be like a reMarkable; focus on one thing, do it well, and be the market leader before you start diversifying!

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