Interview with Brent Weaver from uGurus

In this episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I am joined by the CEO and co-founder of uGurus, Brent Weaver.

Brent and I had similar beginnings in the agency world. In this episode, Brent shares his journey and we look at how your agency can adapt and grow in 2021.

[03:55] Adaptability, Specialisation, and Authority

In times of global challenge, the only way for agencies to thrive and grow is by adapting (and listening to your clients), specialising, and building authority.  Specialise by finding your niche – the more specific, the better, then broaden out over time. To build authority and awareness you should focus on growing your list of subscribers – so when clients are ready to buy, they reach out because you have stayed in touch and continued to provide value.

[07:41] The fear of going niche

Niching is the best way of separating yourself from the crowd and winning more business. Generalised agencies tend to differentiate by pricing (being cheaper than the competition) and overpromising. This is not a sustainable strategy.

 [13:30] Stay Focused

It’s easy to get distracted by new ways to bring in revenue. These ‘shiny new objects’ will be a distraction from your core services, and if you are not careful you will end up losing income.  So get clear on who you are and what you offer and stay focused!

[21:17] The ‘Yes’ Mentality

Just because you can do it does not mean you should do it. Think of your business as a system. This system can only continue to run well if it is not interrupted by adding in new services that don’t fit in your agency and you don’t have a system for. It’s always best to refer these clients elsewhere rather than to make a mistake that may later cost you the client and lost revenue. 

 [29:27] Getting agency owners to let go

We often find agency owners continue to want to have their hand in every project or be in the know of every detail, but this is not possible if you’re going to continue to grow. The only way to let go is by hiring all-star A-players who can do the task better than you!

 [34:05] Trends in 2021

The digital ecosystem is here to stay. Post pandemic companies are looking to shift and adapt, and with everything going digital, those who were resisting it before now have no choice but to evolve and grow ….or fail.

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