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Building your agency based on referrals is like jumping into cold water!

Also, if you think Lead Generation is nothing more than picking up the phone and setting up meetings, then you're wrong!

In this week's episode of The Agency Accelerator, I'm excited to have Dan Englander. He is the CEO and founder of the Sales Schema, a lead generation firm for boutique ad agencies, and a fellow podcast host of the Digital Agency Growth Podcast. He is also the author of Mastering Account Management, the B2B sales blueprint.

We are going to be talking about new businesses and lead generation

[0:47] Introducing Dan Englander.

[2:10] What does Sales Schema do?

[4:01] My conversation with a potential client that built their business based on referrals.

[4:48] Building your agency based on referrals is like jumping into cold water.

[5:43] Dan's advice to agencies that have realised that relying on only referrals isn't going to be enough to help them grow.

[7:42} Importance of niching.

[9:08] Why are agencies today scared to commit to Niching?

[12:41] The question you need to ask yourself to find your niche.

[13:54] Dan's point of view on the impact of ongoing pandemic on businesses.

[19:28] Importance of Email Marketing.

[20:39] Under appreciated facts about B2B sales & marketing.

[21:14] Importance of having an authentic approach across all communication mediums.

[24:08] Getting under the skin of your clients. 

[27:08] When your clients ask for ‘A’ but they actually need ‘B’!

[31:55] The biggest ingredient for a successful business is consistency.

[33.38] It takes 13 months for someone to come into my world, learn with me and to buy from me. 

[38:01] Dan's one piece of advice that he would like to go back in time and give to his younger self.

[39:04] Where can you find out more about Sales Schema?

For more info on Dan's agency, Sales Schema, visit the website.

Also to learn more about niching, you can download my e-book 'Defining Your Niche'.

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