Creating an Online Programme with David Miles

Have you ever dreamt about earning passive income, (i.e. earning money that isn’t directly connected to selling your time)?

Have you ever thought about taking what you deliver for your clients and turning it into an online programme, a course, or a membership site?

A number of my clients have so I thought it would be a great topic for a podcast.

In this episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I am joined by David Miles, CEO of The PPC Machine.

The PPC Machine is an agency that helps mortgage brokers generate high-quality leads from their website using PPC and website optimisation.

David shares how he’s taken his PPC services and developed an online membership programme. We explore why he choose a membership programme over other online models, we look at some of the tech he has in place to run his membership, and the challenges and pitfalls he experienced as he developed his programme.

Here’s a glance at this episode…


What was the catalyst to begin exploring and creating an online programme?


How to explore different online models- from membership programme to one off courses.


The reasons for choosing membership model over a standard course


Understanding the structure of an overall online programme


How to encourage members to take action for online learning success


What is the current status of David Miles’ PPC online programme?


The biggest challenge in creating an online programme


The component parts and tech tools that best work for The PPC Machine


Tips in selling membership programme


What advice to give to the listeners who plan to take their business online?


Tips in pre-selling an online programme


What are the things that David Miles would have done differently if he were to start over again?


How to determine the pricing for an online programme


What would David Miles’ advice be to his younger self?


Moving your 1-2-1 services to an online programme makes your business more scalable. You can reach more people.” – David Miles

“I think a really good bit of advice that you don’t need to have everything ready at launch. In fact, if you’re launching a programme yourself, you need to create a minimum viable offer..“ – Rob DaCosta

“ one is going to judge how good your programme is by the quantity of content. You don’t need content about everything. You just need to have good quality content.” – Rob DaCosta

“Launch with a minimum viable product so that don’t don’t feel you’ve got to spend six months or a year creating something huge before you launch, because the big risk if you do that you might be creating something that nobody wants and then you’ve wasted a year of your life, so decide what your minimum viable product is.” – David Miles

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