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One of my motivations for working as a business coach is ‘to look back on a Friday PM and know that I have made a difference’.  Of course it would be very arrogant of me to ever assume that I achieve this goal but it is one of the most rewarding parts of what I do, especially when a client takes the time to tell me so.

I have recently worked with an entrepreneurial MD who has grown and sold a number of businesses and currently runs a successful marketing agency.  He is at a crossroads and wanted to get some external objective support to help him answer the question of ‘What should I do?” and ‘What next?’.  After only a short period of time together we have clarified his thinking and created an action plan of how to move forward.  Here is what he said to me:

Hi Rob,

Just thought I’d send a quick note to say thank you for such an amazing session.

You haven’t heard from me this week because I’m now hard at work in discussion with target clients, and so far, the response has been fantastic. I’m looking forward to spending some time on the charity project on Friday too. It will be a reward at the end of each week. I’m also meditating every day and that alone ticks the ‘BE’ box 🙂 ..and even found time to write a blog article last night which goes live this morning.

Do enough people know just how good you are? I’m telling 5 of them in less than an hour’s time.

Like many business people, we so infrequently get written feedback from clients (especially such positive feedback) so when you do, its extremely gratifying.  I am very fortunate to love my work as a business coach & mentor ,and it is great to know I do actually make a difference.

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