7 Strategies to Avoid Feast or Famine in Your Agency

In this episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I want to talk about how to avoid feast or famine in your agency.  I’ve been through it twice myself and was determined there not be a 3rd time! So I developed a series of strategies that I now share with my coaching clients and am sharing some of them with you today.  

So in today’s episode I share 7 strategies to avoid feast or famine.   

Here’s a glance at this episode…

[02:00] Let’s start by painting a picture that you will no doubt recognise.  It’s all about being stuck on the ‘client service hamster wheel of doom’! But how do you break this cycle and get off the CSHWOD?

[03:17] The bad decisions we make when we are in a space of famine. 

[03:45]  My experience of being through the feast or famine cycle twice!

[04:45] 7 Strategies to keep a consistent pipeline of new clients coming into your agency

[05:35] Strategy 1:  Ringfence time to work on business development

[07:00] Strategy 2: Get clear on your ideal target customer

[08:36] Strategy 3: Get your pricing right

[09:49] Strategy 4: Build a robust biz development plan – do a few things and do them consistently well.  Work out how to move them through the sales funnel of KNOW-LIKE-TRUST

[12:40] Strategy 5: Focus on building your mailing list

[14:50] Strategy 6: Build your brand so it's not just you (Your Self-Running Agency)

[16:00] Strategy 7: Delegate as much client facing work as possible

[17:18] A quick recap of the 7 strategies

[20:04] Outline of how The Agency Selling System can support your business development

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