Ready to move from feeling stressed, overworked & stuck to in control, confident & consistently profitable?

It's totally possible & The Self-Running Agency Implementation Group is your answer

The Self-Running Agency Membership is Your Answer

Let me show you the EXACT steps to growing a profitable & sustainable agency WITHOUT needing to be involved at every step of the way.

Dear Frustrated Agency Owner,

Let's cast our minds back to reason why we started our own agency - we wanted CONTROL, FLEXIBILITY and FREEDOM. All things we didn't have in our 9 to 5 job.

Yet as we grow, the need for control ends up being at the expense of flexibility and freedom - indeed all of our clients want us to work on their accounts and our staff (if we have any) are dependent on us to make all the big decisions and often frustrate us because they lack initiative.

No matter what you have tried you feel like you constantly take one step forwards and one back.

Sound familiar?

Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you want to consistently grow a profitable and sustainable agency and one that is not 100% dependent on YOU, then you need to start by focusing on three key areas:

  1. Develop an exciting living plan (and get everyone in your team to want to come on that journey with you)
  2. Win a consistent flow of ideal clients  
  3. Grow a team of responsible 'adults' who are accountable and take responsibility 

Underpin this with the correct mindset (i.e. believing and knowing this is possible), and what this amounts to is ultimately building a Self-Running Agency: one that can grow sustainably and profitability whilst not being 100% dependent on you all the time.

Yet as the years pass, many agency owners find themselves further from this than ever!

Now many of us intellectually get this but putting it into practice is another thing altogether!  That's why I created the Self-Running Agency Membership and I'd love you to join us!

Inside the membership you'll work though your Success Roadmap that lays out exactly WHAT you need to do... and WHEN you need to do it.  

  • You'll drill down into finding your unique niche and your ideal target customer 
  • Create a compelling plan so you are in complete control of your agency (despite what the world might throw your way!)
  • Put in place robust repeatable marketing strategies to deliver a constant stream of motivated leads and convert them into loyal repeat clients. No more feast or famine!
  • Grow a team (in-house, remote or freelance) and take some weight off your shoulders!
  • Get work off your plate so you can focus on the future of your agency

And if you thinking "sounds great but I don't have time to join a group like this" (after all you already have too many plates spinning) then know that all you need to do is find 60-90 mins a week to work through the content as it's drip fed to you and then get direct feedback from me at every stage of your journey.

Here's What's Inside The Membership

Your Own Agency Coach

Get the benefit of support from an experienced coach (who started, grew and sold his own agency and went on to coach over 350 agencies) AT A FRACTION OF THE PRICE of private coaching (which currently is £950/month).

I'll be reviewing your work and giving you feedback at each stage of your Success Roadmap.


The membership includes monthly group coaching calls where you can ask questions and network with other agency owners.  I know it can be lonely running an agency so networking & learning with a group of supportive like-minded agency owners is priceless.

You also have access to a private members-only discussion forum to post questions, get referrals, share successes and access previous group call recordings.

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Online Video Resources, Tools & Templates

You will have access to online videos resources, tools and 'plug & play' templates (including all new content added in the future).

So you never feel overwhelmed, this content is dripped to you over time to ensure you're putting all the right foundations in place. It literally gives you the steps you need to take to build your agency supported by proven templates and feedback from me.

Expert Training and Q&A

We have frequent industry leading guest experts sit on the 'hot seat' do some training and get quizzed by the members.  

We  cover everything from Business Development, Linkedin, Money, HR, partnerships, Succession Planning & much more.

Grow Your Agency With Confidence And Clarity for  just £114/month

Online resources & trainings (plus updates)

Feedback & accountability coaching  with Rob

Monthly group coaching plus expert trainers 


Are You Ready to Move From:


  • Overwhelmed and working long hours
  • Stuck on the Client Service Hamster Wheel of Doom!
  • Lacking confidence & questioning how you can grow your agency
  • Wondering if & when you should hire?
  • Involved in every aspect of your agency
  • Getting lots of conflicting info and advice
  • Lurching from feast to famine


  • Focused on the right tasks & a better work/life balance
  • Winning ideal respectful clients
  • Confident with a clear roadmap
  • Metrics to know when/if/who to hire
  • Focused on your 'superpower'
  • Guidance an agency expert who has stood in your shoes
  • Consistent growing revenues and profits

Sally Alexander, MD, Ambleglow

With Rob's support and guidance Ambleglow has evolved into a full service agency, drilled down on our niche, put systems in place to generate consistent new business, identified (and won) ideal clients, and had the group and Rob alongside us at every step of the way. This membership is worth 100 times the monthly fee!

Rob Da Costa

My Story

I started my marketing agency back in the early 90s with exuberant youthful optimism of growing a business that would give me control, flexibility, freedom and fantastic income.

Over the next 11 years we grew the agency to have 25 staff with turnover of about £1.5 million. However, as we grew, instead of giving me more flexibility and freedom, I found myself tied to the agency more than ever - with clients and staff looking at ME to solve their problems and support them.

I recall sitting in my corner desk and every day having 'wheelbarrows of crap' pilled onto my desk. I was dealing with tasks that didn't excite me (quality, HR, finance etc.) and felt I was taking one step forward and one step back - all the while with this feeling that my success was dependent on continued growth.

Something had to change!

What I needed to do was first change my mindset and then focus on getting the structures in place to build a self-running agency. Now that doesn't mean an agency that could run without me but rather, an agency that would be more self-sufficient and less dependent on me, giving me the flexibility and freedom that I so craved!

Instead of making that change, I decided the best option was to sell the agency and move on. Now I don't regret that decision but if I could do it all again or go back and give my younger self some advice, I would say "focus on building a self-running agency that gives you flexibility, control, income and freedom."

The Self-Running Agency Membership was born out of this experience plus my time working with many hundreds of agency owners over the past 15+ years, and seeing that they all share in the same aspirations and challenges as I did. Challenges we tackle in The Self-Running Membership as we work through Your Success Pathway.

Your Roadmap To A Self-Running Agency

It doesn't matter whether you are just starting out in your agency journey or have been running an agency for a number of years, every agency needs to follow a success roadmap.  Having worked with over 350 agency owners over 16 years, I've developed this 7-point roadmap that applies to agencies of every shape and size.  

This is The Success Roadmap that you will work through with me when you become part of The Self-Running Agency Membership.

Hear From The Members

Learn why Lisa and Fiona from Truth PR joined The Self-Running Agency Group & the key benefits achieved so far.

Fiona Kirwan

Joint MD

Hear why Amanda Williams from Storm Communications joined The Self-Running Agency Group.

Amanda Williams


What are the key benefits of joining the group? Richard Cook, MD of Champion Communications shares his experience.

Richard Cook


Listen to what Tracey Stappleton from Spa PR had to say about being a member of The Self-Running Agency Group.

Tracey Stapleton


George Milne is the MD of charity marketing agency, Audience FC, listen to hear thoughts on being a member of The Self-Running Agency Group.

George Milne


Hear why Sonaya joined the membership, the benefits she has gained and her advice if you are sitting on the fence.

Sonaya Williams


Is this Membership Right for You?

  • Agency Owners between 1 and 20 staff
  • Ambitious freelancers who want to grow into an agency
  • Senior team members who are helping run the agency
  • One-person agency owners who don't want to hire staff
  • Freelancers who don't want to grow into an agency
  • Unambitious agency owners

You're a great fit for The Self-Running Agency Membership if...

  • You feel you are taking one step forwards and one step back in your agency's growth
  • You are just at the beginning of your agency journey and want some support from an agency expert to get it right from the start
  • You have been running your agency for some time and now is the time to start really focusing on growth
  • You feel you are on this agency journey alone and could do with a sounding board and advice
  • You may have had some generic coaching support in the past but now want to work with an agency expert who has 'stood in your shoes'

Money Back Guarantee

If you are an agency owner that aspires to grow your agency and have the time to invest in this group, then I am confident you will get at least 10 times the value you invest in the programme but I want all my members to be 100% happy.

So provided you have engaged in the programme (watched the content and showed up to the group calls) yet for whatever reason you are unhappy, simply drop me an email within the first 14-days explaining why and I will refund you 100% of your investment.

Current Bonuses

Right now you can grab a few value added bonuses for FREE 

(that will be released to you at the relevant points in your membership journey)

Training Resources For All Your Team

In addition to the video resources to support you to build your Self-Running Agency. You will also get access to a library of training courses that you can use to develop you and your team as part of their personal development.

Client & Account Management Mastery (Value £498)

This course will teach you and your team how to effectively manage, retain and grow clients

What you will learn:

  • Confidently manage clients in all situations
  • Stop over servicing
  • Handle project change
  • How to push back professionally on clients
  • How to grow and retain clients for the long term

Presentation Skills

(Value £249)

Everything you need to know to produce compelling presentations that you deliver with confidence and clarity

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to manage your nerves and build self-confidence
  • Improve engagement & build empathy with your audience 
  • Create compelling & engaging presentations
  • Be prepared and ready
  • Learn the tips and tricks of presenting in multiple format

Customer Service Skills

(Value £298)

Increase sales through great customer service skills

What you will learn:

  • How to build a trusted and sustained relationship with customers
  • Improve your listening skills
  • learn vital questioning techniques
  • Quickly build empathy (not sympathy) with your customers
  • Techniques for dealing with challenging customers

Start Today!

Choose Your Membership Below

There are 2 payment options



Per month

  • Access to Agency Foundations Content 
  • Access to Agency Growth Content 
  • New content added weekly
  • Feedback from Rob at each stage
  • Monthly group Q&A Coaching Calls 
  • Live Expert training
  • Private Members-Only Discussion Group


(Best Value)


Per Month, Billed Annually (Save £298 Vs Monthly)

  • Access to Agency Foundations Content 
  • Access to Agency Growth Content 
  • New content added weekly
  • Feedback from Rob at each stage
  • Monthly group Q&A Coaching Calls 
  • Live Expert training
  • Private Members-Only Discussion Group

Hear From More Members

Listen to what Tracey Stappleton from Spa PR had to say about being a member of The Self-Running Agency Group

Tracey Stapleton


George Milne is the MD of charity marketing agency, Audience FC, listen to hear thoughts on being a member of The Self-Running Agency Group

George Milne



Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the programme

How long am I committed once I join?

For as long as you want.  If you find the membership isn't providing value then you don't have to continue, just email me with 7 days notice and we'll cancel your membership.  However, we have had members in the program for years as they continue to get value from me, the content and the rest of the community.

Who is the Membership aimed at?

This Membership is for ambitious owners and senior staff whose agency is typically between £100k and £1m in revenue and wish to grow their agency in a sustainable way.

This includes agencies delivering PR, Social Media, Web, Content, Digital, Marketing and Advertising. And both online and 'brick and mortar' agencies.

The typical members has between 1-20 staff but many 1-person agency owners are also in the membership - learning from both me and others who have gone before them.

Do the strategies taught in the Group work for all types of agency?

YES, YES and YES. Often agency owners think their situation, product or market is unique but having worked with over 350 agencies in the past 15 years I can tell you that we are all facing the same challenges. The strategies you will learn in this programme WILL work for your agency provided you are willing to put the time and effort in to learn and implement them. You will have an expert coach at your side at 1/8th of the price!

Will this Membership continue to be updated? And will I get access?

Yes!   This will be the flagship Da Costa Coaching programme and new content is added every week.

So whilst you are still a member you will have access to all the existing and new content.

What if you are covering an area I am not interested in?

Through a lot of research and 30+ years of working in the agency world, I've put together Your Success Roadmap which covers Agency Foundations and Agency Growth, and I encourage you to work through the content in a linear fashion even if you feel you already have done the work. This will give you a great benchmark to road test every aspect of your agency and refine & improve it before moving onto the next part of the content.

I guarantee that if you skip a section you will have to try and reverse engineer things later on which is much more painful than doing the work in a linear fashion.

Will this Membership work for someone just starting out?

There is no better time than when you are starting out and have a 'blank page' to get all aspects of your agency in place and create an infrastructure for consistent growth.  So if you're just starting out and are ambitious to grow, then this membership will be a great fit for you.

How often will we meet as a group?

The Self -Running Agency Implementation Group meets once a month for 1 hour + an additional 6 live expert trainings per year. You also have access to me to review your work and access to the other members through our private discussion forum.

Can I have more than one person join The Self-Running Agency Membership?

Yes - you can have up to 2 people join from one organisation.  If you wish to have more than this join then let me know and you will be able to get a substantial discount on further members