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Would you like a constant flow of ideal target customers

Imagine having a system in place that generates high quality prospects on tap....every day!

Dear Frustrated Freelancer, Consultant or Small Agency Owner,

Boy, it's been a challenging year! So many unknowns and so many ups and downs!

Talking of which, have you ever been in the feast or famine cycle? You know, the one where you win some new projects, get super busy, have no time to do any new business development (i.e. sales & marketing) and then projects come to an end. You are now you are staring at days with no new work.

It's a crappy place to be and sadly, we end up making poor decisions such as taking on any kind of work (which becomes hard to deliver because it isn't where you typically excel) or discounting to win a project.

Sound familiar?

Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you want to consistently fill a pipeline of ideal target customers (or if you want to keep you pipeline filled so you can start growing into a bigger agency) then you need to follow some simple steps AND you need to implement these steps persistently and consistently.

These are the steps that I outline in The Agency Selling System.

They are not overhyped 'silver bullet' strategies to help you get rich quick (which, despite what some slick-haired youngster will try and sell to you on Facebook, really don't exist) but rather a set of logical pragmatic guided steps that I have used with over 250 small agencies to help them grow or maintain a great work/life balance doing profitable work they love.

These steps work, whether you are a freelancer who wants to always know where their next project will come from. A consultant who wants to build their brand and win high-value contracts or a small agency, wanting to win enough business to grow beyond just themselves.

I've taken 11 years of growing my own agency together with 14 years of coaching all types of marketing agencies and documented the exact steps I have used with these high-paying private coaching clients, to grow their agency by creating a consistent pipeline of new business.

This system has worked time and time again.

Inside the programme, you'll be guided through the steps laying out exactly WHAT you need to do... and WHEN you need to do it.

You'll create complete clarity around your market niche and your ideal target customer

We will use The DNA Identifier to develop a marketing strategy that you and your audience will love

You'll learn how to identify your 5* Prospects

Create winning proposals and pitches

Learn the secrets to retaining and growing clients to create raving fans who refer you

And if you thinking "sounds great but I don't have time to join a group like this" (after all you already have an overflowing plate!) then the very first module of the programme is going to teach you how to win back 30-minutes a day which you can use to work on this programme which means working on your new business.

Here's What's Inside The Implementation Group

Over 20-Hours Of Guided Bite-Sized Lessons Across 4 Modules
Over 20-Hours Of Guided Bite-Sized Lessons Across 4 Modules

You will have lifetime access to over 20 hours of online videos resources, tools and templates (including all new content added in the future) as well as tools, templates, step-by-step plans and action guides.

Private members only
Group Support

A key reason why so many online courses fail is because there is no accountability and support. I am guilty as the next person for buying a course and never completely (or even never starting it!).

To that end you also have access to a private members-only discussion forum to post questions, overcome obstacles, share successes and create accountability.

I am regularly hanging out in the group, ready to answer your questions and provide you with support.

Your Pathway To Generating A Consistent Pipeline Of Ideal Customers For Your Agency

4 Core Modules

4 Core Modules
Rob Da Costa
Rob Da Costa

My Story

I started my marketing agency back in the early 90s with exuberant youthful optimism of growing a business that would give me control, flexibility, freedom and fantastic income.

Over the next 11 years we grew the agency to have 25 staff with turnover of about £1.5 million. However, as we grew, instead of giving me more flexibility and freedom, I found myself tied to the agency more than ever - with clients and staff looking at ME to solve their problems and support them.

I recall sitting in my corner desk and every day having 'wheelbarrows of crap' pilled onto my desk. I was dealing with tasks that didn't excite me (quality, HR, finance etc.) and felt I was taking one step forward and one step back - all the while with this feeling that my success was dependent on continued growth.

Something needed to change!

What I needed to do was first change my mindset and then focus on getting the structures in place to build a self-running agency. Now that doesn't mean an agency that could run without me but rather, an agency that would be more self-sufficient and less dependent on me, giving me the flexibility and freedom that I so craved!

Instead of making that change, I decided the best option was to sell the agency and move on. Now I don't regret that decision but if I could do it all again or go back and give my younger self some advice, I would say "focus on building a self-running agency that gives you flexibility, control, income and freedom."

The Self-Running Agency Implementation Group is born out of my own experience as an agency owner plus my time working with many hundreds of agency owners over the past 14 years, and seeing that they all share in the same aspirations and challenges as I did. Challenges we tackle in The Self-Running Agency Implementation Group.

Hear from Current & Past Members

Learn why Mandy joined & hear about the results she has achieved from applying actions she learned in the programme

Mandy Queen


Hear what made Sophie join the programme & the value she has received so far

Sophie Walton

Ads Specialist

Should you join The Agency Selling System? Listen to what Fiona had to say

Fiona Kirwan

PR Consultant


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are an agency owner that aspires to grow your agency and have the time to invest in this group, then I am confident you will get at least 10 times the value you invest in the programme but I want all my members to be 100% happy.

So provided you have engaged in the programme (booked your private coaching calls, watched the content and showed up to the group calls) yet for whatever reason you are unhappy, simply drop me an email within the first 30-days explaining why and I will refund you 100% of your investment.

Current Bonuses (worth over £1000!)

Right now you can grab a few value added bonuses for FREE! You will get LIFETIME access to this content so can watch these courses in your own time

FREE Training Course: Client & Account Management Mastery (value: £498)

Prior to launching my online programmes, my best selling course was The Client & Account Management Mastery Course. This course sells for £498 (check it out here) but for a limited time I am offering new Agency Selling System members access to the course FOR FREE!

The course includes:

  • How to manage client expectations and delivery levels
  • Value pricing & Value Selling
  • Handling difficult clients
  • Account development planning
  • Presenting yourself as a peer
Client & Account Management Mastery
FREE Training Course: Customer Service Skills To Retain & Grow Clients (value: £298)

How do you build rapport with clients, handle difficult conversations, improve your questioning & listening skills?

Learn how in this customer service skills course. Increase customer retention through great customer service.

The course includes:

  • Introduction: the key to great customer service
  • Understanding your customers
  • Questioning skills
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Giving challenging feedback
  • Listening skills
Customer Service Skills To Retain & Grow Clients
FREE Training Course: Presentation Skills (value: £249)

Presenting yourself with confidence and clarity is crucial. First impressions count!

The course includes:

  • The secrets to presenting with confidence
  • Why public speaking is important (yet so scary!)
  • The ideal presentation
  • Tips for delivering a great presentation
Presentation Skills

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Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the programme

Is this just a training course on selling?

No!!! It is so much more!

It takes you through the logical steps of

  • Defining your niche
  • Documenting exactly who your ideal target customer is
  • The DNA identifier (research and understand your core audience)
  • Then we move on to marketing and we will Identify your top marketing activities
  • Build your mailing list
  • Identify you 5* prospects - Insure you invest your limited time only with your hot prospects
  • Convert these prospects into customers
  • Retain and grow and create raving fans

You will also be part of an active discussion forum where you can interact with me and other members to task questions, over challenges, share successes and a whole lot more!

Who is the programme aimed at?

This programme is for freelancers, consultants and small agencies whose turnover is typically less than £100k.

This includes those delivering PR, Social Media, Web, Content, Digital, Marketing and Advertising.

If you are larger than this or have ambitions to grow and take on staff, you should check out The Self-Running agency Implementation Group

Do the strategies taught in the programme work for all types freelancer?

YES, if you are in the creative industry or service based sectors. Often people think their situation, product or market is unique but having worked with over 250 agencies in the past 14 years I can tell you that we are all facing the same challenges. The strategies I will teach you in this programme WILL work for you provided you are willing to put the time and effort in to learn and implement them.

You will have an expert coach at your side at 1/10th of the price!

Sounds great but I am pushed for time

I get it. We are all time poor!

That is why in Module 1, I am going to teach you how to win back 30-mins a day.

If you can dedicate just 30-minutes a day to working on delivery your marketing and sales activities then you will be well on your way to building a consistent stream of ideal new target customers.  And if you're too busy to spend 30-mins a day working on biz dev then we need to talk!

Will this programme work for someone just starting out?

OMG yes!!!! In fact if you are just starting out, then this is the perfect programme to get your sales & marketing systems set up to deliver repeatable new business.

Will this course continue to be updated? And will I get access?

Yes! This is one of my flagship Da Costa Coaching programmes and it will be updated on a regular basis. (the other being The Self-Running Agency Implementation Group)

Once you are signed-up, all future versions of the content are free at no cost and you have lifetime access.