Support for Design Agencies


The Challenges Design Agencies Face

  • You’re stressed out by all the things you need do to run your design agency (or freelance career)
  • You struggle finding ideal new clients where you can deliver the creative work you feel excited about
  • You want to ensure you deliver great creative design work yet you know you need to be profitable

Trust me, you are not alone!

If all your time is spent delivering exceptional design work then, at some point, your design agency is going to fall over. To prevent this from happening, you need to allocate enough time to create a visionary yet pragmatic plan, focus on business development (and producing great pitches and proposals), together with a robust set of products/services and a fantastic onboarding and retention plan for your customers. Of course, you also need to manage your team, watch the cashflow and profits and fend off the competition by creating a clear niche and USP for your design agency.

Avoiding The Over Servicing Epidemic

As an agency owner, do you want every project you deliver to be a creative masterpiece, something you are super proud of? If so, that is commendable, as it can prime your business for agency growth.

Yet this has to be countered against the need to ensure you are profitable and not over servicing your clients. So how do you balance one against the other?

If you deliver exceptional work yet don't get paid for all you do, then you will end up a starving artist! Getting this right starts with winning the ideal client, and that starts with being clear about your niche and who you serve. There’s much to think about!

Digital Agency Coaching - Is it Right For You?

Does any of the following ring true for you?

  • Are you a newly formed agency struggling to standardise processes, such as onboarding and marketing reports?
  • Are you seeking to employ and retain talented individuals to grow with your team?
  • Are you finding it a challenge to grow while maintaining the quality of work that initially helped you build a fine reputation? 
  • Are you struggling to attract and retain the ideal type of client?
  • Are you finding it a challenge to manage client expectations and effectively communicate to avoid misunderstanding and delays?
  • Or have you successfully laid the foundation for your design agency and simply want to expand or take on more clients?
  • Do you need advice tailored to your own design agency and a sounding board when you need to make difficult decisions?

Simply put, I am here to help you better manage your business, overcome obstacles and help you build a design agency you can be proud of. If you are experiencing the above challenges, your agency is growing and you just need help keeping up. I would love to help you do just that. 

How Do I Stop Over Servicing?

We need to chat! A short answer to a very big question. Fundamentally you need to have a well written and communicated brief that is clearly understood by your team AND the client.

You need to measure and monitor time (but DO NOT report on time to clients!) to ensure you are profitable and get future quotes more refined.

How Can Your Coaching Help My Agency?

I have worked with one-man bands and SME agencies. Because I ran my own agency, I not only understand the coaching best practices but have been in the trenches with you. Most of my clients are typically between 2 and 30 staff. That means I am usually working with the founder and /or senior team to help set a laser focused strategy, win new business and develop amazing talent in your team.

How Can I Build a Successful Agency?

It all starts with a exciting and documented vision that is turned into quarterly strategies and monthly plans. This will guide you to make key decisions such as when to hire the next member of staff and also who your ideal client is.

You also need to ensure that you are allocating enough time to work on the future of your agency as well as delivering great creative work today.

About Rob

I have 30+ years of commercial business experience. After beginning my career by working in various blue chip companies, I took the leap In 1991 to start my own marketing, PR and design agency. Over the next 11 years, I grew the business into an award-winning agency with 25 staff and revenues in excess of £1.5m. In 2002, I sold the business and then retrained to become a coach and mentor. Since forming Da Costa Coaching in 2007, I have helped over 450 agencies to grow in a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable way.

Rob Da Costa

Why work with Rob as your design agency coach?

Sally Alexander

After a number of successful years, we wanted move into the next phase of our growth by redefine our offering. Rob has been instrumental in helping us understand where we are now and where we want to be, and the tools and processes that we need to get there. Not only do we now have an exciting next chapter, but I have personally learnt so much from working with Rob during this process. He now really feels like part of the Ambleglow family.

Sally Alexander

MD, Ambleglow

Simon Dunn

We've been working with Rob for many years now and over that time he has acted as a 'north star', keeping us on track and guiding us through growing our business. Rob has helped us deal with many challenges, everything from being recognized as a valued partner to clients, to dealing with the inevitable HR headaches. Rob's balanced advice has enabled us to make difficult decisions with confidence and has resulted in a more honed and profitable business

Simon Dunn

Partner, Keen As Mustard Marketing

Richard Cook

I was at a bit of crossroads and Rob's messaging really resonated with the dilemmas I was facing. He had the insights and empathy to guide me on the right things to do and focus on them. He doesn't just tell me the things I should be doing but actually HOW to do them (unlike many professional advisors) by providing me with practical tools and plans of actions to get the tasks done. I have also found the community aspect of what Rob offers helps me validate my thinking and learn from others.

Richard Cook

MD, Champion Communications

Are we a good fit to work together?