Why make funding difficult?

I have been on a number of training events in the past year to become an accredited Growth Accelerator coach and trainer. Last week I spent a day learning about the training element of this government scheme (I am now able to provide the training element of this funding, as well as the coaching).

It struck me how process and paperwork is often at the heart of these schemes rather than the customer.  Now this programme is a great offer to the client (7 coaching sessions for as little as £600 and then match funding for training for senior staff) but has a perceived barrier of entry because of the process.  I say perceived, because in fact its not that arduous relative to the funding available.  But it’s also a challenge for coaches who have different sets of paperwork to complete depending on which region they are operating in (and if like me, you operate in the south, London and Home Counties, then that is 3 sets of differing paperwork!)  Enough to put many off and shows a lack of joined up thinking between the partners (Grant Thornton, Oxford Innovation and Pera).

Having said all that, this is a great programme and a great deal for the customer.  So if you haven’t already signed up or want to know more then get in touch or read more here.

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