The Self-Running Agency


MY Brand New Book: The Self-Running Agency, has just been launched.  You can buy it on Amazon for £5.99 or for a limited time, you can grab a FREE copy

Imagine having an agency that runs itself.

No more slogging over client work day in, day out. No more 15-hour days to ensure you meet the next deadline. No more dealing with multiple clients all wanting to speak only to YOU.

This is something many agency owners dream of yet fail to achieve. However, if you really want an agency that runs itself, it most certainly is possible and I’m going to show you how to do it:

[02:01] If your hourly rate is £150 and you’re doing tasks below that level, you need to start delegating these and focusing only on the tasks that at level of your hourly rate or higher.

[03:51] You need to build your brand to be your agency not just “you”.

[06:23] Why you absolutely must hire the very best people you can afford, and not just a bunch of assistants.

[07:49] How building a management team as soon as possible will make it easier to move your agency forward.

[08:55] There is an art behind being a super effective delegator and learning this is so important if you want your agency to grow to the point of not needing you! Make sure you download my free e-book on delegation HERE.

[10:37] Do you have a plan that you visit every day to ensure you’re always moving your agency forward?

[13:00] You can’t build an extension on your house without foundations as the extension will fall down. Similarly, you can’t grow an agency without getting the fundamentals right.

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