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In this week’s episode, we are discussing what is probably the hottest topic right now, and that is recruitment and retention.

If you’re anything like my clients, then you are finding it particularly difficult to attract and retain great talent.

So we’re going to unpack that, by exploring the 7 needs of an employee and the 7 needs, therefore, of a candidate.

And to do that I am joined again by Rory Spence from the WOW Agency.

Time Stamp

[01:03] Key findings from the recruitment & retention Bench Press Report

[03:12] What are candidates looking for in the agency they choose to join

[03:55] Only 33% of agencies have a strategy to deliver a great candidate experience during the recruitment process

[04:29] What does a great candidate experience look like?

[07:30] Best routes for recruitment – should you use recruitment agencies?

[12:30] What is the best process to recruit and how should it be structured?

[14:52] In-house vs remote working – 39% of agencies ask staff to be in the office 1-2 days a week

[18:00] 82% plan to keep an office

[18:30] 71% of agencies are recruiting remotely

[21:25] The 7 needs of a candidate

[21:40] 1: Purpose

[22:50] 2: An exciting vision

[24:55] 3: Leadership

[26:30] 4: Team

[27:40] 5: Progression

[29:27] 6: Flexible working

[33:39] 7: An empowered culture

[35:45] See recruitment as a strategy, not a tactic – so think about the recruitment process & onboarding strategy

[36:11] Think about how you recruit and how your current process can be refined


“If you can address the 7 needs of a candidate, you will be able to attract top talent.” – Rory Spence

“When you have recruited, it not the end of the problem, it’s the start of the solution.” – Rob Da Costa

“39% of agencies ask staff to be in the office 1-2 days a week” – Rory Spence


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