Using stories and testimonials to bring your marketing to life with Miranda Birch

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In today's episode of ‘The Agency Accelerator Podcast’, I get together with Miranda Birch, founder of Miranda Birch Media; a company helping business tell stories to better engage with their clients. Today we talk all about the importance of storytelling in your marketing and also the value of great customer testimonials. This episode is packed with actionable items, so I know you're going to find it really useful and insightful.

Time Stamp

01:22 Miranda Birch introduces herself, her background, and why she loves stories

03:01 The power of storytelling for agencies wanting to connect with potential and existing clients

06:07 What makes a good story

08:17 The role of customer testimonials in an agency’s sales process

13:28 The best format for testimonials

14:50 How to maximise the value of a video testimonial

16:14 What point should an agency approach a client for a testimonial

21:25 What to do when a client does not want their name published in relation to a testimonial

24:20 The do’s and don’ts of getting, interviewing and creating testimonials

26:15 Miranda’s new online courses about testimonials and how to capture stories that convert

32:38 The benefits of getting in front of the camera

35:40 Miranda’s advice to her younger self starting out in business 

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