Managing a remote workforce with Melanie Coeshott

Has Covid forced your team to work from home? Struggling to manage a remote workforce? Read on…

In today’s episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I talk all about managing a remote workforce and discussing some of the things we need to do to keep our staff motivated and connected with our agencies. I’m really excited to have Melanie Coeshott join me today to talk about this really important topic, so let’s get on with today’s show!

Melanie is a career coach who operates under the Blue Diamond brand, which is her own company. She primarily works with individuals who have been working in their roles for maybe 2 decades or more, and are looking to make a change in some capacity. She also works with companies who bring her into work with one or a team of their employees.

How To Manage a Remote Workforce

05:00 Covid has forced many businesses to work from home and completely change how we run things. How do we manage our staff and help them stay connected to our businesses when working remotely?

10:23 Is working from home really better than in an office? Without a good working environment, it is hard to be productive and focus.

12:14 What have successful leaders and employees learnt to do differently during the pandemic? Without self-awareness and awareness of your team, it’s very difficult to navigate this new way of doing business.

16:22 What are the duties of the employer, and of the employee in regards to a remote work environment? It’s quite a grey area at the moment, but definitely a joint responsibility.

18:00 Many of us have suffered from mental health challenges during the lockdown. Organisations need to be understanding of this, and cannot take a "one size fits all" approach.

25:15 What will things look like a year from now? Many of the things we have learned from the pandemic will remain a permanent part of our everyday business.

28:37 We need to understand our team members as individuals, they need to feel valued, and respected. What else are staff looking for from their employers in terms of benefits, environment and opportunity?

32:00 What do you do to keep your staff motivated if there is no room for promotion? There will always be staff that we cannot retain, and we need to learn that sometimes we do have to let people go. What do we do when there is a finite path to progression in a particular role?

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