LinkedIn Content Strategies with Tracey Burnett

What are the latest trends in creating compelling and engaging content on Linkedin?

In this week’s episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I’m joined by one of my repeat and popular guests, Tracy Burnett. Tracey is a LinkedIn marketing expert, who helps business owners generate more business using LinkedIn.

In this episode, Tracy shares the latest trends, ideas and tips in creating content strategies for LinkedIn.

Make sure to grab a pen and paper for note-taking because this will be another action-packed episode.

Time Stamp


Is it worth switching to Creator mode?


The key ‘new things’ in using LinkedIn


Why has LinkedIn limited the number of connection requests you can make each week?


How to publish newsletters on LinkedIn (new function)


The four (4) pillars in creating content


Understanding how to make the algorithm work for you


The importance of getting debates in your posts


Why are hashtags important and how many should you use?


How to research your hashtags


Why you should create your own hashtag


How many times a week should you post on LinkedIn?


Are Pods worthwhile?


The importance of creating high-quality content rather than any old content!


How to create content that your audience cares about


Being authentic & human in your posts


Tracey’s advice to her younger self


“…every single, robust, deliverable business development strategy takes time.” – Tracey Burnett

“I think that asking yourself this question when you’re writing a post of ‘Will my audience care about this?’ is actually a really good benchmark to decide whether it’s a good post or interesting.” – Rob Da Costa

“Don’t feel you need to be everywhere… Keep your marketing simple.” – Tracey Burnett

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