Interview with Lee Jackson discussing trends in 2021

We made it to Episode 50!

In this episode of ‘The Agency Accelerator’ podcast, I am joined by the extremely talented and savvy Lee Jackson.

Lee is our first-ever repeat guest, and today he will be sharing with us his insights to what he sees coming down the road in 2021.

The last time we spoke, Lee joined us in Episode 10 of the podcast, where we were talking about growth and transformation.

If you haven’t listened to that episode, Lee helps web agencies fall back in love with their businesses, he runs ‘Agency Transformation Live’, is the co-founder of Events Engine, and if that wasn’t enough he is also the host of the ‘Agency Trailblazer’ podcast.

Time Stamp

02:00 What are the typical trends you’ve seen happening this year with agencies?

02:07 Most agencies have been surprised that they have been able to continue throughout 2020!

02:45 For most agencies, their clients reached out for help

03:07 Agencies helped clients move from the physical to the digital space

03:56 Some agencies thought they could hibernate and tread water, and some agencies were afraid to sell their services because they thought it was in bad taste!

04:38 Small businesses struggling to sell things online

05:32 A digital renaissance - businesses are realising that being online is imperative

06:05 Two aspects: technology and marketing

07:58 Using social media to build a new audience of consumers

08:34 People working out how to pivot

10:00 Lee’s clients are events organisers - they have embraced online and created incredible digital experiences

14:32 If you can really understand what your clients what to achieve, you should be getting out there and helping them

15:25 Lee tells us more about the 2021 ‘Digital Renaissance’

16:26 Businesses will start focussing on what’s important

16:40 One of Lee’s agencies is going full virtual now

17:10 Lee is still concerned about the high street and thinks they might still struggle in 2021, but he thinks the high street will also change and more service-based businesses will appear

18:30 Many entrepreneurs get seduced by starting projects and not finishing them. How will agencies figure out what is important?

19:13 To start a business you need to work out your identity, then your values, the message and output. If you look at 2020, think about what your strengths, missions and passions are. Who are you helping and what are you solving?

21:37 The importance of niching

25:00 Not everyone can start an agency, there’s a lot of fake competition tarnishing the industry

25:55 Marked increase in the low cost of entry in the industry

27:18 Lee, if you could go back in time and give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be? 


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