Facebook ads with Sophie Walton

Welcome to The Agency Accelerator’s eighth episode, hosted by agency coach and online educator, Rob Da Costa.

In today’s world, advertising on social media is a very competitive sport, so we need to ensure we’re doing it correctly, otherwise, we could end up wasting hundreds, or even thousands of pounds.

In this episode, we are diving into the world of Facebook advertising and I am joined by a very special guest, Sophie Walton of brand and social media agency, 3Twelve.

Don’t miss this one because Sophie shares some incredibly valuable tips that even I didn’t know about until this episode!

[0:45] Exciting news from The Agency Accelerator!

[1:37] Sophie discusses her background and what led her to run her own agency, 3Twelve. When 3Twelve was first created, they offered everything from SEO to Google Adwords and web design. They tried to offer something for absolutely everyone! However, they recently niched down to mainly focus on lead generation through Facebook and has already proved to be a great move for the company.

[5:48] Traditionally, Facebook was seen as a platform for B2C companies only. However, if you know what you’re doing, this can be a great platform for B2B companies too. Sophie discusses how this is the case.

[7:26] Many people use Facebook for personal reasons only (i.e posting pics of their cute dogs), but they could really be missing a trick here! Facebook Ads, when done correctly can be a great lead generator for your business. Sophie gives an AMAZING re-marketing tip here and recommends installing a Facebook Pixel into your website. This bit of code will track your website visitors (warm leads) and then show your ads to them on Facebook!

[10:30] One of the main questions people ask is “how exactly do you find your target audience on Facebook?” Sophie gives another brilliant tip here (amongst others!) and explains how we can use Facebook to find a “lookalike” audience, where a new audience is created by using the info from your Facebook Pixel made up of people with similar ‘likes’, interests, demographics and more.

[13:22] So, how do we go about building an ad that resonates with our target audience?

[15:19] Let’s look at where in the sales funnel Facebook Ads fit in. Facebook is definitely great for brand awareness, but is it useful for further down in the funnel?

[16:52] Facebook Ads isn’t as cheap as it used to be and it’s a LOT more competitive! This is why it’s more important than ever to test different campaigns (using a very small budget) before going all out and potentially throwing lots of money down the drain. Sophie explains the best ways of doing this.

[19:35] In the world of advertising, you are basically fighting for real estate and unfortunately it’s not free. What is the minimum amount of money we should expect to spend each day before seeing some real results?

[20:17] Facebook Ads can be a bit of a pain to get approved, and thanks to Facebook’s not-so-great support, we are sometimes left in the dark wondering why! Sophie gives us some tips to help ensure your ads are approved every single time like avoiding making unrealistic claims (e.g “lose 10 stone in a week with these magical tablets!”).

[24:59] What are the benefits of outsourcing Facebook Ads management when you can do it yourself? Is it really so complicated?

[26:45] If you’d like to contact Sophie or simply find out more information about her services, visit the 3twelve agency WEBSITE or send her an email at: sophie@3twelve.co.uk

[27:35] Before we go, Rob asks Sophie “if you could go back in time what advice would you give?”

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