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Cherish PR is a PR company based in London that operates in the heart of the digital economy.

Cherish MD, Rebecca Oatley, first engaged with Rob in 2012 when she wanted to grow her business but kept hitting brick walls that prevented this growth. After getting to know each other, Rob carried out a detailed fact find and discussed a longer-term strategy for Cherish. Part of this new strategy meant moving from a freelancer centric model to an employee focused business. Rob pointed out that it is very challenging to build a scalable business based predominantly on freelancers and many businesses who do, struggle to scale.

Following this conversation and discussion, a strategy for Cherish was mapped out and it resulted in Rebecca offering most of her freelancers a full time job. Many accepted this and those who didn’t, she replaced with new hires.

Once this transition had taken place Rebecca focused on up skilling her team with some training delivered by Rob. Rebecca commented, “Rob has a wealth of agency experience so was the ideal person to lead some workshops on account management, having challenging conversations and ‘selling Cherish”. Rob also supported the business to define and embed their culture by creating a set of values and behaviours.

Rob now works largely as a Non-Executive director supporting Rebecca and the management team to focus on developing the business in an ever-changing market place.

Today Cherish is a mid sized boutique agency with a great in house team and an enviable client list. Rebecca has had her time freed up to focus on developing the business and supporting the team to deliver excellent work.

Rebecca summed up working with Rob “He gives me the confidence to make challenging decisions and I know, even when he is giving ‘tough love’ that he has the best interests of the business at heart.’

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