100th Episode Milestone: 40 Pieces of Advice

Welcome to the 100th episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast! This is a huge milestone and I am super excited we got this far.  And we have only just begun!

Two years ago I started this channel and I promised myself that I would commit week in and week out to record episodes, and it’s amazing how far we got.

For this episode, I wanted to come up with something special.

During this journey over the past 2 years, I had over 40 guests on the podcast and, at the end of our conversation, I always ask them what piece of advice they would give to their younger selves starting out their business. So I decided to collate 40 of the best answers and give you an episode full of expert and valuable advice.

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes because you’re going to be taking away so much from this episode.

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My idea for the 100th episode


Don’t be intimidated when you go to meetings. Sally Alexander from Episode 4


Market to your niche. David Miles from Episode 6


Don’t be afraid to charge what you are worth. Sophie Walton from Episode 8


Be yourself and understand your identity. Lee Jackson from Episode 10


Commit to a niche immediately. Roland Gurney from Episode 12


Focus on what you’re good at and have fun. Steve Bustin from Episode 15


Be clear about your outcome and be honest with yourself. Ian Laurie from Episode 17


Develop a healthy relationship with failure and lay down strong foundations. Miha Matlievski from Episode 19


Learn from your mistakes. Laura Evans from Episode 21


Speak to someone who has done it already. Pietro Ranieri from Episode 23


Invest in learning how to run a business. Susan Boles from Episode 25


Believe in yourself and listen to other people who have gone before you. Jez Kay from Episode 27


Be patient. Dan Englander from Episode 29


Remember that people are at the core of any good business. Grant Jennings from Episode 31


Don’t be too regimented in your thinking. Chico Chakravorty from Episode 33


Be as informed as possible: knowledge is power. Marc Convey from Episode 35


Have enough capital to get through the first 6 months and do your research about your audience. Tracey Burnett from Episode 37


Get a customer first. Jim James from Episode 39


Start earlier. Brad Smith from Episode 41


Focus your efforts on the things that only you can do. Darryl Sparey from Episode 43


Be strategic when approaching your business. Lindsey Pickles from Episode 45


Focus on what you love and what you are good at. Remeny Armitage from Episode 47


Know what sets you apart from the competition. John Ashton from Episode 52


Just do it, go for it! Lucy Snell from Episode 54


Good enough is good enough. Miranda Birch from Episode 56


Don’t procrastinate. Steve Slotow from Episode 58


A good job doesn’t always speak for itself.  Don’t wait to be tapped on the shoulder. Melanie Coeshott from Episode 60


Find some people that you look up to and follow them. Sam Wright from Episode 62


It’s okay to say no to things. Brent Weaver from Episode 64


You can be or do absolutely anything you want. Piccia Neri from Episode 66


Everything is going to be alright. Romans Ivanovs from Episode 68


Say ‘yes’ to things that scare you. Marcel Petitpas from Episode 70


Keep up with tech and know that it’s ok to seek help from others. Michelle and Christian Ewen from Episode 72


Trust your employees more. Ugis Balmaks from Episode 74


Niche your business and start building your email list. David Miles from Episode 76


Focus on one thing at a time. Richard Kennedy from Episode 78


‘Try fast and fail fast’. Adam O’Leary from Episode 82


Go with your gut feeling. If it doesn’t work, there are always other options. Anthony Burke from Episode 87


Be braver, take action. Katie Street from Episode 89


Be more confident. John Horn from Episode 91


“Don’t let people intimidate you. You’re there for a reason.” – Sally Alexander, Managing Director at Ambleglow

“.. you’re going to make mistakes, so get out there. Start making some mistakes and use that process to learn from.” – Laura Evans, Creative Director – Video and Podcast Producer of Let’s Talk Video Production

“..try fast and fail fast.” – Adam O’Leary, Co-Founder of TrustScout

“be focused on what you love to do and what you’re really good at, then go for it. Never give up. ” – Remeny Armitage, Co-Founder of Brilliant and Human

“Don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth.” – Sophie Walton, Owner of 3twelve

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