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Meet Your 24/7 AI Agency Insider, AskRobAnything 

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Running an agency can often feel like a lonely journey - one filled with big decisions, growing pains, and more "what ifs" than definitive answers. As agency leaders, having a trusted advisor to turn to for guidance shouldn't be a luxury - it's a necessity for success.

Yet finding the time and budget for 1-on-1 coaching or a group coaching  programme maybe out of reach right now. 

But what if you could have your own virtual agency mentor - available anytime you need advice with the click of a button?

That's the vision behind AskRobAnything

Think of it like having an on-call critical friend for your agency, someone with decades of experience navigating the same challenges you face each day. AskRobAnything puts over 30 years of industry knowledge and insider expertise directly into your hands.

Powered by AI but designed around real-world agency success, AskRobAnything is your personal guide to accelerating growth, delighting clients, and unlocking your agency's full potential.

With AskRobAnything, you can:

  • Get instant answers to your pressing agency questions - from managing clients to leading creative teams, AskRobAnything has real-world agency experience to guide you.
  • Access curated agency resources - Along with answers, AskRobAnything provides links to relevant videos, tools, templates, podcasts and documents to take your agency knowledge further.
  • Receive personalised recommendations - AskRobAnything learns from each interaction to provide tailored suggestions based on your specific needs and goals.
  • Obtain quick support for agency workflow - Get help on everything from project management and new business development to agency operations and growth strategy.
  • Enjoy an always-available agency expert - AskRobAnything works 24/7 to provide on-demand support whenever you need agency advice.

Stop searching and start getting answers tailored for the agency professional. With insights powered by decades of experience, AskRobAnything is your go-to AI assistant for all marketing agencies. Join the waitlist now and be the first to hear about our beta launch.

Rob Da Costa
Rob Da Costa

My Story

I started my marketing agency back in the early 90s with exuberant youthful optimism of growing a business that would give me control, flexibility, freedom and fantastic income.

Over the next 11 years we grew the agency to have 25 staff with turnover of about £1.5 million. However, as we grew, instead of giving me more flexibility and freedom, I found myself tied to the agency more than ever - with clients and staff looking at ME to solve their problems and support them.

I recall sitting in my corner desk and every day having 'wheelbarrows of crap' pilled onto my desk. I was dealing with tasks that didn't excite me (quality, HR, finance etc.) and felt I was taking one step forward and one step back - all the while with this feeling that my success was dependent on continued growth.

Something needed to change!

What I needed to do was first change my mindset and then focus on getting the structures in place to build a self-running agency. Now that doesn't mean an agency that could run without me but rather, an agency that would be more self-sufficient and less dependent on me, giving me the flexibility and freedom that I so craved!

Instead of making that change, I decided the best option was to sell the agency and move on. Now I don't regret that decision but if I could do it all again or go back and give my younger self some advice, I would say "focus on building a self-running agency that gives you flexibility, control, income and freedom."

The Self-Running Agency Implementation Group is born out of my own experience as an agency owner plus my time working with many hundreds of agency owners over the past 14 years, and seeing that they all share in the same aspirations and challenges as I did. Challenges we tackle in The Self-Running Agency Implementation Group.

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Below are some of the commonly asked questions about AskRobAnything

What is AskRobAnything?

AskRobAnything is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed specifically for marketing agencies. Unliked, other AI chat tools, it doesn't use publicly accessible web info for its answers but instead it provides instant access to my 30+ years of real-world agency experience and curated resources to help you succeed.

How do I access AskRobAnything?

AskRobAnything is available through a web-based chat interface that you can log into from any device. Once signed up you will receive a unique login to access AskRobAnything's services.

How quickly does AskRobAnything respond?

AskRobAnything is designed to provide instant access. Most queries will be answered in real-time within seconds, just like chatting with a human agency expert. More complex questions may take slightly longer.

What kind of questions can I ask AskRobAnything?

You can ask AskRobAnything any questions related to running and growing your agency - from managing clients to leading creative teams and everything in between. AskRobAnything will provide answers tailored to your needs. And since it is always learning and I am adding more content all the time, the more you use AskRobAnything the better it will get at supporting you.

Does AskRobAnything have limitations on use?

No!  You can ask as many questions as you like!

What if I need further assistance?

AskRobAnything gives you direct access to my 30+ years of agency knowledge but if you want more in-depth support and review of your work then you should consider joining my group coaching programme, The Self-Running Agency.